Success With Dollar Stores Is All About Relationship Building

One of the most challenging pieces of the formula for success with dollar stores is interacting with so many different people. Just the sheer number of customers entering every day can be a little overwhelming. Add in all of your employees, the different wholesale dollar product vendors and their representatives, the many different business people supporting your business needs such as your landlord, your banker, your insurance agent, attorney and accountant, and then add in the significant number of others who attempt to get even a few minutes of your time and it makes you wonder how there are enough hours in the day to do anything but communicate with these folks.Yet the very truth is your success with dollar stores rests on being about to effectively build relationships with the many surrounding your business. Read on for tips about actions you can take to strengthen your relationship with those your business depends on.

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Effective communication – One of the keys to effective communication is listening. In fact the very best communicators are also the very best listeners. They also know how to ask questions to help clarify what the other person is saying. They are able to vary their style to meet the audience. Whether dealing with a wholesale dollar product company president, or someone who is seeking their first job, these leaders are always clear in their communication. Invest the time to learn this critical skill set.Positive approach – Everyone has a bad day. It might be a major business problem, an inconsiderate customer, or something else. Yet it is important to never allow your problems, or problem interactions to carry over when dealing with people. Much of successful relationship building is just being someone others want to know and communicate with. Virtually all of us prefer dealing with someone who sees the positive side of life rather than all the problems surrounding us. After all even the biggest problem brings with it potential solutions and a chance to learn.

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Living to your commitments – Always make sure you meet your commitments. If you tell a wholesale dollar product rep to come back in one-hour and you will meet with them, then budget your time so this is true. If you promise training to a new employee, make it happen.Success with dollar stores is much more easily achieved when you are willing to invest in building strong relationships with all who affect your business. Whether it is taking a few minutes to say hello to one of your regular shoppers or following up on a question from one of your core wholesale dollar product suppliers, the small amount of time invested will repay you time and again.

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