6 Surefire Tips on How to Achieve Success in Your Home Based Business Opportunity

More and more people are currently becoming interested in the new venture of being able to earn a living online. With the unstable economic downturn that we have been experiencing the past years, it really comes as no surprise if there’s a sudden shift from the traditional 9 to 5 job to the home based business opportunity.But many people are apprehensive about starting on a new venture in an industry that has not been explored its capacity yet. If you want to gain financial independence and be able to step out of your comfort zone to welcome an opportunity that can provide you with everything you desire, then don’t let fear or doubts stop you. Here are just a few important tips that can help you achieve success in your chosen home based business opportunity.

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Have a goals or a set of goals so that you know clearly what you want to achieve. Not being fully aware of how important having a specific set of goals is in the success of any business endeavor is like committing business suicide early on in the game.
Choose a home based business opportunity that you can be passionate for in a long period of time. If you don’t not believe in the product or service that you are marketing, many people will be able to get this vibe just by the way you advertise it and share the same apprehensions with you.
Make sure that you learn from the best. Choose a home based business opportunity that was propagated by a reliable source and is already proven to give the support its members need. This means, that you should look for someone who will teach you everything you need to know about your chosen online business opportunity.
Generate business leads through all aspects of communication. Just because it’s an online business doesn’t mean that you can neglect the traditional means of getting leads. Never underestimate the power of a referral from a friend, family or satisfied business client.
Always be prepared for anything. This means, have a plan B, a plan C, or a Plan D even. No matter how complicated the situation becomes, planning beforehand can mitigate any negative impact that can hit your business opportunity.
Success starts in the mind, so start training yourself to have a strong success business mindset. Always surround yourself with positivity. Harbor positive thoughts and direct your actions towards positive results only. Just by learning how to harness the power of attraction, you will realize that your online business opportunity will also become a positive experience.

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Always remember that at the end of the day, your success or your failure is totally dependent on your motivations and actions. You’re the only one who can decide on whether you’re ready to take the home based business opportunity that can make your life better.

How to Use Communal Wishing to Achieve Success

How successful are you?Most people say “Not successful enough!”It is human nature to yearn for greater things. You want to feel and bee recognised as successful, but when you don’t get there you feel the wrath of failure.So for what is the one thing standing our way stopping us from achieving success in our life pursuits?Most will claim it is our mindset and attitude. This is true but would you not agree that other people are a large contributor to helping you succeed?In thriving communities, the number one contributor to individual as well as group success is the synergy, cohesion, and mutual support. Without these, forming and maintaining a positive mindset for success is almost unachievable. Nearly all successful people will tell you “I dedicate my success to the support I received from …”.

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Recent studies into the impact of human thought on our environment show the power of so called “wishful thinking”. Call it prayer, wishing, or subconscious positive dialogue the results are real. The results sky-rockets when compounded by a community of people focussing on the same outcome (Communal Wishing).The fact that human thoughts and intentions can be mirrored by the environment is clearly proven by Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto. His revolutionary photos of water crystals show the obvious formation differences when exposed to positive versus negative thoughts, and intentions. Positive messages forms beautiful symmetrical crystals while negative messages forms malformed chaos. He quotes, “If human though can do this to water, imagine what it can do to you and others? After all we’re made of 70% water”

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Communal Wishing is by far the most effective and consequential contributor to achieving success.Just like the joy a successful individual feels when a crowd of people cheer for her. Exposing yourself to the focus of communal wishing will positively energise you for ultimate ongoing success.By connecting yourself spiritually and or physically to thousands of people engaged in communal wishing, you will feed on their positive intentions for you. It will break down your existing success barriers and will equip you with the support and confidence to achieve ultimate success.

Two Key Elements to Achieving Success

Peter Drucker and Jack Welch, two experts in anyone’s list of experts, have identified many key elements leading to personal success. The following two are so fundamental and critical, but often get pushed aside in favor of the “silver bullet of the month” element. They bear repeating.Drucker said there is nothing as worthless as doing well something that doesn’t need to be done at all.Jack and Suzy Welch, in their weekly “The Welchway” column in Business Week, advised a questioner seeking career advice – a self described introvert – to find and release his inner extrovert if he wanted greater success in a large organization. Relationships count, and being known and having your value known is a personal responsibility – so adapt.What do the Peter Drucker statement and the Jack and Suzy Welch advice have in common? They deal with two key elements required to achieve successKey Element One – You’ve got to be doing work that others see as valuable and it’s up to you to advertise it’s value.And the valuing of the work starts with the person doing it. If they don’t see its value, you can be sure others won’t either. It’s the difference between being “just the receptionist” and being ” the first person people meet when they come to my company.” It’s the difference between being a “retail clerk” and an “expert on men’s fashions.”The burden of establishing the value of the work belongs to the person doing the work – they’re the person most affected by the perception of the value of what they do. It’s in their best interest to advertise and promote what they’re doing as worthy and valuable to the enterprise. In many organizations, expecting that your work will speak for itself results in disappointment and frustration.. When there are so many others speaking out for their work you gotta stand up for what you do.

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Ask yourself – Can you, in thirty seconds, explain what you do and its value to your organization? Not being able to do that effectively creates the perception of low value. The story of the three bricklayers illustrates that point. The first, when asked what he does, said ” I lay brick.” The second said “I’m helping build a school.” The third said “I’m contributing to the building of a place where children in our community will learn – a special place.” Same job, same outcome, same pay – three very different pictures of value added. Which of the three would you rather have working for and with you?A story about how to keep value and accomplishment a secret:A good friend was in a new position promoting a new enterprise that was going to open its doors in about a year. Her job was to promote and develop interest and commitment in this new enterprise in its target market. She started from scratch, with very little to work with other than her knowledge and presentation and relationship skills. The results of her efforts would not really be apparent until the enterprise opened. She did an excellent job of promotion – outside her organization. Inside her organization – not so much. She was working independent of any direct supervision. She was advised to develop a regularly published report – weekly preferred, at the least monthly – to communicate her activities and accomplishments. She thought that was too much like self promotion, and, besides, she didn’t like doing that kind of work. So her bosses really had only anecdotal information on which to judge her effectiveness. Had she put together a routine of reporting and creating a vision of what she was doing, she would have been seen as the highly effective, valuable and successful person she was. But no one was in a position to see her success. She was lucky. She had a patient boss. Many aren’t so lucky.Key Element Two- Know who you are – your unique blend of skills, motivators and behaviors. Not just who you think you are, but how you are perceived by others. Then get to know your organization’s expectations and culture. Then adapt to meet the needs of your organization – you must accept the responsibility of matching up with the requirements of the work and of the culture.Sounds like a nobrainer. But many a can’t – miss prospect, a big success in one situation, ends up not succeeding in what looks like a similar situation. The cause?It starts with making the assumption that what worked at one place will work at another – that the motivators, values, behaviors and personal skills brought to the job match the requirements of the new enterprise. It’s amazing how often they don’t. It’s also amazing how out of touch people can be with the reality of their personal skills, motivators and behaviors.

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An example:A manager whose experiences and values have resulted in her being very successful as a planner and preparer. She now works in a mid size company where speed to market is an absolute value. She insists that everything be planned and prepared so that chances of 100% success at implementation are as high as possible. No ready, fire aim for her. She’s convinced of the rightness of her ways. Chances of success in that environment unless she adapts her values and behaviors – very low.To put these two key success elements to work for you, take Drucker’s observation to heart and make sure you do work valued by both you and your organization. And, of course, do it well. And take Jack and Suzy Welch’s advice to heart and get to know the culture of the organization and how you fit in it and adapt to make sure your work is valued by others – self promotion is a valuable personal skill. It’s an outcome of being convinced of the value of what you do, and, as the expert on what you do, you have the unique capability to share and create that value with others.

Top 9 Skills Required to Achieve Success in a Technical Career

Recent studies have shown that the majority of technical professional participants involved that have achieved success in their field, have 9 significant skills that helped them climb the career ladder. These key factors combined with their technical know-how and savvy differentiate them from the masses. The professionals that were studied all did very well for themselves- maintaining positions of authority and performing on higher levels proving their competency. It’s important for any job seeker or employed professional to encompass these qualities if they wish to succeed in a field that is highly competitive.1. Cognitive ability- This skill is a combination of using personal knowledge and identifying patterns, problems, and solutions to then form and execute plans of action that will benefit your team or company as a whole. The ability to tackle a task and deliver the final results understanding what is being asked of you is a true asset.

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2. Perception- Seeing the whole picture and taking the correct steps to achieve a goal is what separates success from failure. In other words, are you a person who sees the glass half full, half empty, or a simple drink to quench your thirst? Perception does vary from person to person; it’s using your perception to reach your goals that counts.3. Taking initiative- Anytime an employee initiates and takes responsibility above and beyond their job description, they are surely to be recognized for their effort. Seeking out and grasping technical opportunities that can lead to acknowledging your true potential is a positive career move.4. Networking- Building and maintaining your professional network looks promising to any company. These branches of your professional tree allow you to remain current on new technology as well as what’s happening in other companies. It is the opportunity to continue your education in an unofficial way, and allows for you solve problems that arise that much faster and simpler. Many doors open for you when you tap into your networking force.5. Teamwork- Your ability to work with peers is the most important skill to have to achieve success. It is impossible to do the work of 10 men, however, if you can delegate, brainstorm, create interdependencies, share knowledge, be capable of participating in dialogue and dissension, and such- you have the makings of a good leader and will experience success.6. Leadership- These skills include knowledge, communication, a willingness to hear others out, negotiation, inter-personal skills, mentoring, and so on. They are vital if you wish to achieve success in a technical career- or any career for that matter.

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7. Organizational savvy- Being organized in all aspects of the job show what a true professional you are. Planning or pre-planning for future projects and knowing when and how tasks are to be completed, and then having everything done when it’s suppose to be is a great skill to have and required to climb any professional ladder.8. Followership- All great leaders know and understand that sometimes they need to be the follower on certain projects. It’s important to be able to share that role at times when situations arise where your not as versed as well as someone else.9. Communication- Your ability to communicate through oral and written presentations and conversations is essential. Being in a technical career does not allow you to simply write in code and expect all others to understand. Expression and clarification of work is what will have you finding success.

Success With Dollar Stores Is All About Relationship Building

One of the most challenging pieces of the formula for success with dollar stores is interacting with so many different people. Just the sheer number of customers entering every day can be a little overwhelming. Add in all of your employees, the different wholesale dollar product vendors and their representatives, the many different business people supporting your business needs such as your landlord, your banker, your insurance agent, attorney and accountant, and then add in the significant number of others who attempt to get even a few minutes of your time and it makes you wonder how there are enough hours in the day to do anything but communicate with these folks.Yet the very truth is your success with dollar stores rests on being about to effectively build relationships with the many surrounding your business. Read on for tips about actions you can take to strengthen your relationship with those your business depends on.

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Effective communication – One of the keys to effective communication is listening. In fact the very best communicators are also the very best listeners. They also know how to ask questions to help clarify what the other person is saying. They are able to vary their style to meet the audience. Whether dealing with a wholesale dollar product company president, or someone who is seeking their first job, these leaders are always clear in their communication. Invest the time to learn this critical skill set.Positive approach – Everyone has a bad day. It might be a major business problem, an inconsiderate customer, or something else. Yet it is important to never allow your problems, or problem interactions to carry over when dealing with people. Much of successful relationship building is just being someone others want to know and communicate with. Virtually all of us prefer dealing with someone who sees the positive side of life rather than all the problems surrounding us. After all even the biggest problem brings with it potential solutions and a chance to learn.

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Living to your commitments – Always make sure you meet your commitments. If you tell a wholesale dollar product rep to come back in one-hour and you will meet with them, then budget your time so this is true. If you promise training to a new employee, make it happen.Success with dollar stores is much more easily achieved when you are willing to invest in building strong relationships with all who affect your business. Whether it is taking a few minutes to say hello to one of your regular shoppers or following up on a question from one of your core wholesale dollar product suppliers, the small amount of time invested will repay you time and again.

Free and Better Ways to Promote Your Blog and Achieve Success Online

There are many ways to promote your blog on line if you want to achieve success and earn extra income working from home.Guest PostingWrite your best and unique contents on other peoples’ blogs consistently and others will acknowledge your contribution.Give free content awayThis is the best way to show people who have never heard of you. Ensure that you write good and unique content that you are passionate about and in your niche to well established blogs where many people gather.Keys to successful guest posting:– Pick blogs that have good readership with topics that are similar to your blog.
— Build a good relationship with your readers of the blog you are writing for. Repeat and rinse to reinforce your own brand, expertise and authority
— Improve and increase your blogging on several blogs in your chosen niche. This will increase your exposure to a much wider audience on the internet.
— Post your articles in spurts of times, then withdraw to work on your own blog; otherwise you will keep it dry. You can always return back when you want to launch other spurts of blogging.
— As mentioned earlier, do not forget to work on your own blog to continue drawing attention of your readers to your blog. This engages your readers more and may even subscribe to your blog.
— Never stress out. Do not burn yourself out by guest posting and starve your own blog. You may even run out of ideas to write on your blog. I have experienced this myself.

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NetworkingAs a business entrepreneur, you should spend sometime each day connecting with other marketers by answering questions other people leave. The best place to go is the Yahoo answers. You can also do this by commenting on other peoples’ blog or you can even email others on something that might be of interest to them.There are many places you can network with others such, as Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, Twitter, Digg and Stumble upon. These are places many marketers hung around. While you are there, show generosity by giving and respect to all. This is the honest way to get rich. You can get everything you want in life as long as you give others enough of what they want. If you give them nothing of value, you will get nothing of value as well. I have found this very useful and others will relate to you faster.I advise you not to expect too much from them. Instead let you’re your relationship grow naturally as long as you build very closer ties and trust. This will help you work and grow your work at home business together and amass wealth and success. Prove to all that you are there for them and make great contribution to the community. This will increase the chance to connect with each other. Learn to ask questions with those around you. Ask them about their goals, strength, weaknesses and their dreams in order to align yourself with them in the direction you want to assist if you can. I can assure you that this will create a stronger bond and your network connection becomes more effective.AdvertisingTo turbo charge your blog, you may wish to advertise your blog cheaply to promote your products and services to a bigger audience with social networking sites. They have become the talk of the day in the work at home business industry. Becoming part of these sites will give you opportunity to find new readers for your blog. The advantages of using FaceBook, MySpace, Stumbleupon, Digg, YouTube and Twitter are that you have unique people seeking web content and answers. So these are key places that you should frequent to position yourself. Advertising with these sites will drive organic traffic to your site and bring you massive income.Key points to remember when using social network sites.1. Be active and participate on regular basis- avoid spamming2. Observe the rules and culture of each of them. As a new comer, observe and learn from experienced participants before you can start posting your comments. Find key players and learn from them. The easiest way to identify them is by going to the list of Top users. Then build a relationship with them, and then you are done!3. Make friends with other people in the shortest time possible. You will be surprised of many income opportunities online that you will achieve!

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4. Avoid being self centered. Always learn to serve others first before you present your opportunity to them. Be generous to them, in return, you will achieve success online New South Wales.5. Post best unique content to engage many users. Also learn to promote other peoples’ content by commenting on theirs and will enhance your backlinks.Create viral contentThis is the term used to draw attention to your site or blog. To write a great viral content, you must do a research, think positively and be creative then give it to the right people to promote it for you. You can negotiate on terms and payment or in exchange of links. The best way to create viral content is to spend sometime to analyze the type of posts that are viral in your own niche and ask yourself these questions:
— What is it all about those who create viral content?
— What makes them tick or influential?
— What can I learn from these guys?
— How can you also put them into action and be like them?In summary, to monetize your blog, you must post quality contents to other peoples’ blogs, network with fellow entrepreneurs in your own niche, advertise your website or blog on many social network marketing sites and create a viral content that will influence your readers to visit your blog.

Increase Motivation To Achieve Success In Your Business Projects

Why is that some entrepreneurs always seem to be surging ahead with creating new products, building a community of like-minded people and enjoying success in their business? On the other, why is it that some entrepreneurs seem to have a lot of projects going but never seem to complete any and be able to present it to their market?The answers could be very diverse, but a common factor with those who ‘plan to do’ or are ‘working on’ is that the latter may lack self-confidence and self-motivation. These two factors can create ‘blocks’ to their success.A ‘block’ can be created in any type of business, even though we’re accustomed to only hearing about “writers’ block.” The block results in a state of semi-paralysis that can prevent you from moving forward.

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How can you increase motivation when working on your online business projects? The following three motivation techniques can be used to remove blocks to completing business projects.1. Prepare Yourself Mentally: Rather than waiting until you’re ready to start working on your project, do a mental review, the day or night before, of what you plan to work on and what your goal is. It’s easy to get into the trap of focusing on the negative aspects involved. Instead, focus on the positive and conjure positive mental images through visualization of the successful outcome of the project.2. Prepare Yourself Physically: Getting adequate rest prior to undertaking a business project offers many advantages:(i) Clarity – You will view your task at hand with clarity(ii) Focus – Your mind and body are less fatigued so a large percentage of stress is automatically eliminated. You are thus able to focus so that you can view all aspects of your business projects and be able to determine the best strategies to implement(iii) Increase Motivation – Do you feel motivated to do anything when you’re exhausted and sleep-deprived? Every tiny pebble becomes a mountain because you are not able to be in the moment and the desire is not there to accomplish what needs to be done.3. Make the Decision to Start: Many of us have been guilty of waiting for the perfect time or for all situations to be ‘just right’ before starting to work on a project. It really is self-defeating and falls under procrastination. There is never going to be a ‘perfect’ time. A long time ago someone pointed out that all the lights are not going to be green between point A and point B, but that would not be a reason not to make the trip. The same principle applies in your business and especially for the success of any business project.

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So preparing yourself physically and mentally, as well as making the decision to start are key strategies to increase motivation and achieve success in your business projects.

Add a Name and a Face to Achieve Success With Dollar Stores

With all the competition facing those seeking success with dollar stores there must be a concerted effort to position your business above all others. If not, you become just another face in the crowd. Your store will not be recognized for all the things that make it unique. Your store will not be recognized as the store shoppers go to whenever they need merchandise. But how can you achieve this goal? How can you make your store stand above the rest? It starts with a dollar store marketing plan. In that plan must be strategies to generate more traffic and to continually increase sales. One of those strategies should be to put a name and face to your business.

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1. Select a business name that clearly communicates you are a dollar store, discount store, dollar plus store or whatever format you have chosen. It is important to make it easy for every prospective customer to know what you sell even before they come into your store. If not you will have a high percentage of shoppers who enter, take a quick glance at your store and leave without making a purchase.2. Make the decisions about what name and face you will to place on your business. It might be you, your company logo, your business storefront, or some other relevant and recognizable face. Putting a face to your business is a dollar store marketing idea that can really be to your advantage.3. Include your business name and the chosen face in all advertising.Successful dollar store marketing requires keeping your store name right in front of prospective customers at all times. In fact the more often prospective customers see or hear your name the greater the chance they will take action and actually come into your store.4. Add a catchy business slogan.An often overlooked strategy that can contribute to success with dollar stores is adding a short, catchy slogan or saying to your marketing program. Add the slogan to all advertising, flyers, signs and other places shoppers see or hear your advertising. Catchy, easy to remember slogans stick in the minds of those who hear or see it.

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5. Keep your name, slogan and face out in front of your targeted clients at every opportunity. Use as many of the senses (sight, sound, etc.) as possible with your marketing campaigns. The more prospective shoppers are exposed to your business the sooner they will begin to recognize and come in to shop with you.To your success with dollar stores!

Good Personality With Positive Thinking

Having an attractive personality is the dream of every person. Everyone wants to have it to be successful at work, at home or elsewhere. Positive thinking is key to getting a good personality.Here are tips for you on how to obtain a positive way of thinking:1 # Identify your way of thinking.How you think determines how you act. Everything you learned from childhood is the contribution of mind, which later turned into a habit. Often these are not you realize. If you think “I cannot afford” then you will not be able to do so.If you have a lot of negative thoughts, you have to throw it away because it will make it difficult for you to accept positive ideas. You should try to insert positive thoughts, like “I can”, “I’m great” or “I’m awesome.”

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2 # Take control of your subconscious mind.You can control your subconscious mind with positive messages, like “I can” or “I’m the best.” This is a form of communication with your subconscious mind. Do it every day to plant them in your mind? Do it every morning and evening before you sleep and see the effect several months later?Some of the positive message that can help you like:”I’m great””I am full of spirit””I can””I succeed”You can find another positive message after you define your life purpose. Create a positive message based on your goals and put in every day into your mind.# 3 Choose to think positiveLife is a choice. You can think positive just if you choose to think positive. If you do not want to think positively, you will not be able to think positive. So make a conscious decision by choosing to think positively to support your success.# 4 Find friends / group of positive thinkingPositive thinking is contagious. The more you interact with people who think positively, and then you will have a positive mindset. So I suggest you to search for close friends or a group of people who think positively and be one of them.

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# 5 Do new thingsDo new things like to buy a bunch of flowers for your coffee table, around the housing complex you and greet your neighbors. This can help to obtain a positive way of thinking.# 6 Accept yourself honestly.Admit your weaknesses. A weakness could be strength. As an example of a lame man run champion. The world has recorded it as something that is amazing. So do not be sad with a weakness that you have, thank yourself and achieve success because success always can you achieve in any circumstances.Very easy is not it? Have a positive thinking and success to will come near you.See you at the peak of your success.

Are You Singing Your Song of Success? Five Secrets to Following Your Dreams and Achieving Success

Recently, Susan Boyle, an unemployed forty-seven year old single woman from the small village of Blackburn, Scotland decided to compete in the television program, “Britain’s Got Talent.”  She did not look like the typical “star quality” contestant.  So, when she first walked out on the stage, the audience and judges started laughing and giving her cynical looks.  Then she sang.  The audience and judges were instantly won over and she continued to the next round of competition.  Because the program was on television and the video of her program appeared on YouTube, she won over millions of additional fans with her unique talent. Whether she wins the competition or not, she already won by living her dream.  By taking the bold step of competing, Susan won over millions while creating unlimited opportunities to sing her song of success.So I ask you the following:Are You Singing Your Song of Success?Are you letting your song of success go silent?  The following are five secrets that will guarantee that your song of success is heard and you can also live your dreams:1. Create Powerful Goals to Be SuccessfulTake the time to set clear, concise life and success goals that you can be excited about on a daily basis.  Refer to your goals every day so that you can stay on course to achieve your dreams.  Make your goals S-M-A-R-T-E-R:  specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, time-based, encouraging, and rewarded. 

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2. Develop Your Positive Expectations to Be SuccessfulEven as the audience was laughing about what to expect, the judge asked her which singer’s level fame she wanted to attain.  Susan answered, without hesitation: Elaine Page, one of the most famous English singers of all time.  This drew more laughter and skeptical looks.  Then she sang and over the skeptical looks changed to awe. In Susan Boyle’s mind, she was as good as the best singer in England.  She had already developed her positive expectations to be a great singer and wouldn’t allow anyone to deter her from her goal.What are your positive expectations for success?  If someone were to ask you what career or life goals you want to achieve, would you be able to communicate it without hesitation?  Develop your positive expectations so that you can move forward with your goals in the face of opposition.3. Follow Your Passion to Be SuccessfulSusan’s passion since she was twelve years old was singing. When she walked out of the stage, the excitement and enthusiasm at being given the opportunity to do what she loved showed in the way she talked, walked, and finally sang.Is there something you are passionate about?  Is it a hobby?  Is it a business opportunity?  Is it a career opportunity? Let your passion for what you what show.  Your passion will knock down barriers and create new opportunities for you.  Your passion will keep you going even during the darkest times and elevate you even more during good times. Coleman Cox once said the following:
 “When enthusiasm is inspired by reason, is practical in application, reflects confidence, and spreads good cheer, raises morale, inspires associates, arouses loyalty, and laughs at adversity, it is beyond price.”Be passionate about the goals you what to achieve.  Let your enthusiasm be your weapon against naysayers and cynics in life and you will achieve your goals.4. Be True to Yourself to Be SuccessfulWhen Susan walked out on the stage and conversed with the judges, it was clear that she had a very unique personality.  However, in spite of being in a high-pressure situation, in front of thousands of audience members, millions of television watchers, and the judges, she was comfortable in her own skin and true to herself.  She wasn’t going to change who she was because of this very important moment in her life.  She was even more true to herself under pressure.How many times have you felt pressure to change who you are to be successful? This may occur at work, in business, or with your family. True success comes from staying who you are while achieving success.  How many times have you heard stories about people who “sold their soul” so that they can be successful and later become even bigger failures?  Stay true to your values in the face of pressure and you will become successful.

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5. Be Persistent to Be SuccessfulYou will meet many roadblocks on your way to achieving your goals and living your dreams.  You may never be given the opportunity to succeed, but be persistent.  You ideas may be discredited, but be persistent.  You may be laughed at for believing in your goals like Susan Boyle, but be persistent.Realize that many people do not hold the same dreams and goals that you believe in.  When you are persistent, you will find the energy to pursue your goals in spite of others who are negative toward your dreams.  By being persistent in achieving your goals, you will win over allies who will help you achieve your dreams.Bonus Tip:  Have fun along the way to success..  Susan looked like she was having fun in the moment no matter what happened.  Have fun along your journey of success and it will make your trip that much more enjoyable.Apply the five success secrets at your business, your career, and your life in the face of all obstacles and you can live your dreams.  Susan is singing her song of success; why not let your song be heard?